Why Awards

Why This Awards

Awards are a way of endorsing people’s abilities and rewarding their achievements. Receiving an award boosts a person or company’s worth in their field. The title ‘Award winning’ carries connotations of reputation and expertise – something that’s priceless in any line of work! It also celebrates hard work, in turn making people feel appreciated and well-respected. Those who feel appreciated for the work they do are likely to continue working with enthusiasm.

Which Fields are Horned with Awards and why?

Now a days medical expenses are not in the reach of common man. Particularly the allopathy or English medicins and treatments are proving to be too dear. In such situations Indian traditional medicines and medical treatments seems to be not only economical but also effective, except for few chronic deceases. To promote the Indian Traditional medicines and medical treatments we have conducted “Health and Life Style Expo”.  We have provided 5 stalls absolutely free of cost to AYUSH ..(Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy) Department, Telangana Govt.

But we felt it was not enough. So, on the eve of our Company’s 6th Anniversary Celebrations, (normally we honor professionals from various fields) we are honoring few doctors of AYUSH.

In addition to these doctors, we are honoring the following professionals with Eco Sure Excellence Awards.