About Eco Sure Excellence Awards

EocSURE is part of Spoorthy Padam, a Telugu magazine that has been at the forefront of creating awareness, especially among the youth, on a range of emerging trends, including renewable energy. The ECO SURE division was started specifically to focus on dedicated events and awareness programs for renewable energy and environmental sustainability


While renewable energy and clean technology have been in the news for the past few years, at ECO SURE we feel that the awareness is very superficial and shallow at the level of common public. But for sustainability ideas and businesses to grow and flourish, the man on the street needs to understand the sector better to take better-informed decisions. EcoSURE has been formed to cater to this need, and we will have a specific focus on Andhra and Telangana States in general and Hyderabad to start with.

Our plan is to expand the activities of EcoSURE to all over the South India, especially the smaller towns. In addition to the large events, we will be conducting smaller, hands-on workshops and group sessions for well-defined domains such as energy auditing, green factories, sustainability education in colleges and schools etc. I expect EcoSURE to be an important part of India’s renewable energy movement within the next 3 years.

We are glad to inform you all that we are celebrating our 6th Anniversary celebrations at Ravidra Bharathi, Lakdi-ka-Pool, Hyderabad on 30th May 2018.

Every year on our anniversary celebrations, we honor with “Eco sure Awards for Excellence” to acknowledge and recognize the extraordinary and innovative work done by people in various departments of Government and reputed private Organizations.


In recognition of their outstanding work in their respective fields, this year also we are going to celebrate and honor some of the present and past officials, the inspirational icons and academicians. We will also honor our supporters and well wishers who stood with their support for us in this journey.


This year also, we are going to honor the Doctor, Industrialists, Educationalists, Artists and Inspirational Icons who have done exemplary works in their respective fields!


The awardees are selected based on recommendations from the advisors, members and educational institutions.